20/0.4kV Distribution Network at Bamyan

Total Budget Spent
$24,132,596 $8,019,368
FY Budget Spent
$7,264,810 $0
Major Milestones
Overall Planned
Overall Actual
Current Status ongoing
Location Bamyan
Funding Agency Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Exp/Start Date 17-Oct-18
Contractual Completion Date 07-Feb-21
Expected Completion Date 06-Oct-20
20/0.4kV Distribution Network at Bamyan
Project Description: Bamyan Distribution Network Project was awarded to M/S Shyama Power India Limited on the March 2018. Contract has not been officially signed yet. This project located in Bamyan province. The project consists of a 20/0.4kV Distribution Network, And provide electricity for 20000 consumer in Bamyan province. the duration of the project is 720 days (24 months). The bid submitted by Shyama Power India has been considered to be most responsive following which the Letter of Acceptance / Notification of Award was issued by DABS on 12th March 2018. NPC Has Send email to Afghanistan’s Embassy in India, and asked some more clarification regarding Shayma Power India. The Contractor Shyama Power has been Submitted the performance bank guarantee on 18 April 2018, The contract has been signed on 22-April-2018-Contract document stamped by PMO, Advance payment Guarantee has been submitted on 13-06-2018, and advance payment invoice also has been submitted by Shyama, We had projects Kickoff meeting with contractor on 02-07-2018 and discussed on important issue off contract
Donor: 5
Start Date: 2018-10-17
End Date: 2020-10-06
Location: Bamyan
Physical Progress: 44.00%
Financial Progress: 33.23%
Progress Status: ongoing
Expected Results: The main objectives of the project are enhancement in the capacity of Distribution System by adding MV & LV distribution Networks in the existing system to facilitate the end consumers.The distribution project scope includes survey, design, supply, installation and commissioning of plant in distribution networks of Bamyan.The number of estimated beneficiaries in 20000 residential consumers respectively.