Construction of Training center

Total Budget Spent
$2,226,180 $2,245,312
FY Budget Spent
$900,000 $0
Major Milestones
Overall Planned
Overall Actual
Current Status in_warranty_period
Location Kabul
Funding Agency World Bank
Exp/Start Date 26-May-19
Contractual Completion Date 30-Jul-20
Expected Completion Date 25-May-20
Construction of Training center
Project Description: Construction of DABS Training center which will be constructed in 105 MW thermal plant for All DABS staff.
Donor: 3
Start Date: 2019-05-26
End Date: 2020-05-25
Location: Kabul
Physical Progress: 100.00%
Financial Progress: 100.86%
Progress Status: in_warranty_period
Expected Results: The project will create available place for all DABS employees to train deferent session of training and developed their skills in the future.