PPA Between DABS and Dynasty Ltd for 10MWac Solar Power Generation Facility at Kandahar,Afghanistan

Total Budget Spent
$1 $0
FY Budget Spent
$0 $0
Major Milestones
Overall Planned
Overall Actual
Current Status ongoing
Location Kandahar
Funding Agency USAID
Exp/Start Date 22-Feb-17
Contractual Completion Date 28-Sep-19
Expected Completion Date 25-Aug-18
PPA Between DABS and Dynasty Ltd for 10MWac Solar Power Generation Facility at Kandahar,Afghanistan
Project Description: (A) WHEREAS the seller, by its offer dated13/July/2016 has proposed to design, build, finance, commission, operate and maintain an approximately (10) MWac solar powered electric generation facility (the "Facility" ,as hereinafter defined) to be located at the site (as hereinafter defined ) near Kandahar City ,province of Kandahar ,Afghanistan and sell all Net Delivered Energy (as hereinafter defined) to the purchaser. (B) WHEREAS the purchase ,has accepted the sellers offer and desires to the purchase all of the Net Delivered Energy (as hereinafter defined) generated by the facility and delivered to the Interconnection Point (as hereinafter defined) on and pursuant to the terms and condition contained herein; and (C) WHEREAS, the united states Agency for International Development Mission in Afghanistan ("USAID") has committed to make certain funds available to facilitate the construction of the Facility ,which funds are to be made available under an agreement (the "USAID Contract" between USAID and seller , and the terms of the USAID Contract are a key inducement to the Sellers willingness to enter into this Agreement.
Donor: 6
Start Date: 2017-02-22
End Date: 2018-08-25
Location: Kandahar
Physical Progress: 100.00%
Financial Progress: 0.00%
Progress Status: ongoing
Expected Results: • The proposed solar power project is a 10 MWac Solar Photo voltaic (PV) Power Plant (the Project) being developed by Dynasty • The power generated from the project is proposed to be sold to DABS under a long term power sale agreement for a period of 15 years. and based on PPA ,DABS will purchase the whole energy which will provides and produce by PV Panels at solar station and will transfer by 20kV to the DABS consumers, and as we know solar energy is a clean energy and no pollution and has easy connection and maintenance during operation time .