220kV D/C T/L from Arghandi (Kabul) to Jalalabad

Total Budget Spent
$42,880,456 $0
FY Budget Spent
$6,077,922 $0
Major Milestones
Overall Planned
Overall Actual
Current Status ongoing
Location Multi-Provinces
Funding Agency Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Exp/Start Date 14-Jul-21
Contractual Completion Date 31-Dec-23
Expected Completion Date 30-Dec-23
220kV D/C T/L from Arghandi (Kabul) to Jalalabad
Project Description: Presently, DABS has one 110/20 kV Substation in Jalalabad, located at about 153 Km east of Kabul. The Substation is operating at 110kV level and fed from 110 kV Naghlu by Naghlu Jalalabad single circuit Transmission Line. The Transmission Line is erected on Lattice towers and the existing 110/20 kV Substation has 3 Nos. Transformers of 2x20 MVA and 1x16MVA capacity to meet the load of Jalalabad city distribution. But consumer growth of Jalalabad area has been increasing rapidly and power requirement is high due to electrification of unelectrified villages/provinces. to meet the load growth, DABS identified a new 220/110/20 kV Substation in Jalalabad (Shaikh Mesri), which is required to be constructed under this project. DABS proposed to connect this new substation (Shaikh Mesri) by 220 kV Double Circuit overhead transmission line from the feeder bay of the existing 220 KV Arghande (Kabul) substation. The proposed TL and SS would provide significant value addition to: • Evacuate power from multiple photovoltaic solar projects (under implementation and planned) in the region, • Provide sustainable power to two industrial parks in eastern Afghanistan, • Strengthen supplies from 100 MW Naghlu hydropower plant and 40MW solar park at Nangarhar Industrial Park in Sheikh Mesri area as well, and • Enable grid stability by interconnection with TL in adjoining provinces. • Energize additional 300,000 new connections to residential, commercial and industrial consumers. • Provide good reliable and quality power supply to the customers of Jalalabad • Improve the Transmission network connectivity between primary load center (Kabul) to eastern load center • Interconnect isolated networks of eastern grid • Improve the stability
Donor: 5
Start Date: 2021-07-14
End Date: 2023-12-30
Location: Multi-Provinces
Physical Progress: 0.00%
Financial Progress: 0.00%
Progress Status: ongoing
Expected Results: 320 MW or 300,000 new connections to residential and industrial consumers